The Mission

The Mission to Find Nutrition is simple. 

We must eat as healthy as possible because our health depends on it. 

We must define healthy for ourselves to a certain extent and also rely on research to keep us healthy. 

Therefore I put out videos of how I stay on my Mission to Find Nutrition. 

As my library here continues to grow, stay keen on important health facts and use me as a reference to help plot the course.

"Food for the body is not enough, we must have food for the soul."

~ Dorothy Day

Lesson #1

Sorry to burst any bubbles here but there are no hacks.  A hack implies a shortcut, and if a shortcut was a good thing it would just be the regular route.  That's why it's called 'shortcut''s a watered down version of the desired result.

Food is Fuel

We need to detoxify our bodies first.  This gives the body its best chance at actually adapting to the changes we do.  Good food gives us the resources needed to build healthy cells.  Form dictates function which means, the form we take on and structure in our life will determine what our bodies will and can do.

Do you have a plan?

Always  have a plan. 

The plan should be easy to follow and simple enough to remember.  This planner I have uses doctoral level tactics and displays a plan for you that is easily digested and followed.   What's best about this planner, is that it guides you to your own customized fitness goal step by step.  This planner shows us why our goal is super important, and on top of that

6 Pics to 6-Packs shows you what to do, and how to do it.


When you buy your planner I will personally walk you through each step so that we can both be invested into accomplishing your mission.

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