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How'd I do it?

Through three simple steps I was able to persist to my goal of losing 100lbs.

Adapt Improvise Overcome

Adapt = change for a specific purpose

Improvise = using the resources available

Overcome = to subdue the odds, control the situation

Top in-home fitness tool.

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Say Say is the most straight forward honest friendly guy I know when it comes to fitness and nutrition. He has helped me a ton !! Always there when I have questions.

Rick Zeron

He has the best character and hardest work ethic of anyone I've ever met! If you need a positive cheerleader who knows everything you need to know about health and fitness, he's your man!

Lentil Mills

Big Say is the man with the master plan, also nobody makes him bleed his own blood.

Paul Aubin

Keep it going.

When you rock a Fun Tee it picks your spirit up. That's what you need to finish strong.  

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Ocean Beach

San Diego Ca


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