Say Say's Kitchen Episodes

  • Jalapeno Tuna: A Fire Recipe for Tuna Lovers

    A tasty dish that is quick and easy for the active lifestyle. This tuna boast fresh veggies and jalapeno juice as the main attraction. This recipe is for you if you are looking to lean up and cut excess calories in the right way. Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself.
  • Ground Turkey Onions & Peas Please

    Check this dish out. It's one of my favorite dishes because of its simplicity. Delicious with Sea-Salt and black pepper. Peas are one of the most nutritious and the flavors from the onion prop this dish up for high enjoy-ability. This savory dish is inexpensive and can satisfy your savory needs.
  • DIY Twice as Nice Chicken & Rice In-Home Meal Prep Tip

    They say, cooking at home raises our serotonin levels. Well, I don't know who "they" are but I do know cooking for myself brings me joy and happiness. Especially if I am cooking for someone else, like family, or friends, there is an inexplicable sense of overwhelming accomplishment when I see faces light up. In the slightest, I heard that feeding someone is actually a way to show love to them. So, long story short, get cooking On a Mission to Find Nutrition.
  • Every Day is a Battle

    Steak, eggs, and kale make for a great tale. When you are out here on these city streets, trying to find something to eat, and still try to eat healthy...well my friends you are on the Mission to Find Nutrition. Make sure you don't quit, fight that good fight, and eat as healthy as possible.
  • A Time Saver for Loafs

    When you're super busy, just slap some of your favorite meat into a crockpot and watch the time it saves you.  I put 2 pounds of ground beef and pork into this crockpot and when I got home 5 hours later, my dinner was done and delicious by the time I got back.  Very hands off.  But, that's not all. I used a pouch of instant mashed potatoes and I had a great dinner in under 4 minutes.
  • Resistance Training is Key

    Millimeters matter to the muscles.  Make sure you fill in the blanks in your training by doing these little tiny movements.  The resistance bands are key in getting great results for this.  Resist the temptation and resistance training on the muscles.
  • Late Night Snack: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Eggs and Sprouts

    Late Night Snack:  Philly Sprouted Eggs

    A quick shot of protein and a quick hit of flavor will have you satisfied with this snack.  When you get a late night craving, make sure you consider what you put into your stomach before reaching for some hot Cheetos.  Here is an example of how to maximize what you get out of your food, by crafting what you put in.

  • Thai Dish for 5 Brothers

  • Spaghetti for the Soul

  • Two Meats: Chicken and Fish is the ish for my main dish.

  • Hamburger Quesadilla a.k.a. the "Burger-Dilla"

  • Pleasure vs Happiness: How cooking makes you happy.