Burn More Than You Store.

A big part of health, wellness, and fitness can be based around the principle of "calories in vs. calories out." When consume more calories than we use/burn, we will gain weight and when we use/burn more calories than we consume we will lose weight. If it takes 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat then we begin to see the importance of a controlled calorie diet. The difference between your calories-in and calories-out will be the degree to which you see your results.

Fitness Tip O' the Day: Make the difference

(You do the math!)

Find your (BMR) Basal Metabolic Rate. Our BMR is how many calories we burn (calories-out) if we were to stay in bed all day. This number goes when we start moving. Once we have our BMR, then we need to keep track of the calories we consume. When invite both of those numbers to the table and compare, we can see some directionality of our tireless efforts.

Here is what it may look like:

Calories Burned (BMR)            - 2500

Calories Consumed                 + 2000

Difference                                 =  500


This eating pattern created a 500 calorie difference. When we divide (the amount needed to lose 1 lbs. of weight) 3500 by 500 calories we can see this eating pattern is on track to lose 1lbs in 7 days. It's mathematics and you make the difference!



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