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Snack Attacks: Defend Yourself

Posted by Sese Liua on

I hope this message finds you feeling slim trim and filled to the brim with nutritious delicious food! But if not that's okay, read on and maybe we can fix that today! A snack attack can be a very dangerous thing to handle but when we start with some snack-self-defense in that area, we can be assured that we will remain secure in our health goals.


Fitness Tip O' the Day - Defend Yourself from Snack Attacks

The Unavoidable 3 p.m. stomach rumble shouldn't have to plunge you into a pit of snack-regret. And while it is fine to eat something to hold you over until dinner (in fact it's encouraged), some snacks will keep you on your weight-loss track, while others will surely derail you. Instead of choosing the ever-tempting candy bar or Twizzlers at the vending machine try some beef jerky or a Nature Valley granola bar. Better yet, to have the best defense against snack attacks, bring a snack from home. Veggies and Hummus can be quite delectable and very simple!


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